AfterPay: Heal now, Pay later. | Free shipping within AUS orders over $120* | *excludes wholesale
AfterPay: Heal now, Pay later. | Free shipping within AUS orders over $120* | *excludes wholesale


What makes us different?

We Smell Good!!!

We have a 100% original formula that you will not find anywhere else.

Made for Tattoos, formulated for Tattoos and tested on real Tattoos.


All Natural.

Palm Oil Free.

Cruelty Free.

We are the world's FIRST Bamboo based Tattoo After care.

Proven from professional tattoo artists, laser technicians and their clients that BAMBOOGOO HEALS up to 50% FASTER than any other aftercare on the market.

Forget the hard balms! Forget the PETROCHEMICALS!

Our formulas are super soft, making it SOOTHING to apply on a fresh Tattoo. BAMBOOGOO will not clog your pores and can last up to 8 hours before the next application. You can still go to work and be sure your tattoo is in good hands while the goo does its magic.


I Have sensitive skin. Can I use BAMBOOGOO?

BAMBOOGOO is created for sensitive skin types.

  • No greasiness that clogs pours
  • Doesn't inflame ezchma.  
  • Natural scent.
  • NO essential oils.
  • NO nut products.
  • SAFE for people with NUT allergies. 
  • If in doubt, do a patch test, Check out our Blog on How To Perform A Patch Test Here.


How do I use Tattoo Aftercare?

With freshly washed clean hands, scoop out a small amount of goo and apply to your clean tattoo.


How much do I apply?

A little bit goes a long way!

Use enough to thinly coat the area twice daily.

Once in the morning after washing. Again at night before bed.

The formula will nourish the skin for up to 8 hours. You may apply during the day for drier areas, eg: hands, or if you have super dry skin.

What size will suit me best?

How much coverage will I get from 15g Tattoo After Care?

This size is good for little bangers and all the way up to palm size tattoos. Fabulous size for cosmetic tattoos.

How much coverage will I get from 40g Tattoo After Care?

This size is most popular, good for upper arms and medium work and one hitters. Also highly recommend for hands if skin is on the dry side.

How much coverage will I get from 100g Tattoo After Care?

The big Boy! The boss. Great size for backs, full legs and arms or multiple sessions. For the serious tattoo collector.

How much coverage will I get from 50g Laser After Care?

Our Laser After Care is large enough for on going treatments. You will have this little bottle throughout your laser journey - a little goes a long way!


Can I use Bamboogoo for anything other than Tattoo Healing? 

We have had some incredible feedback of our product healing so much more than tattoos! 

Our Tattoo Care has helped adults and children that suffer from eczema. Babies for nappy rash, dribble rash and our Laser Care for minor burns!

Yes, even works incredible as a post waxing goo or burns from Chefs and Mechanics. We have also had people use our goo to heal small sores on their pets!


 What is the expiry for BAMBOOGOO Personal care products?

12 month Shelf Life. 

Laser After Care 18 months Self life.


Tell me about your current Packaging? 


Every JAR you obtain from BAMBOOGOO, you can REUSE, RECYCLE to lower your ‘Waste imprint’. 
Our jars can be washed out and reused when finished to store anything you like! From spices or seeds in the kitchen to buttons or even rubber bands! the limit is your imagination!
We love sharing our HACKS to a healthier Healing lifestyle on our BLOG.
Our Tattoo Pre-care & any other Body scrubs are all natural ingredients for ethical treatment of water systems and cause no pollution when used.

How can I store my BAMBOOGOO products?

BAMBOOGOO is a natural product and should be store out of direct sunlight and kept in a dry cool place and store below 25 degrees c.