AfterPay: Heal now, Pay later. | Free shipping within AUS orders over $100
AfterPay: Heal now, Pay later. | Free shipping within AUS orders over $100

superior Healing

Providing a natural, vegan alternative to Tattoo After Care.


Good Tattoo healing.
Doesn’t cost the Earth.
Compatible with Sensitive Skin.
High Quality & no nasty SH*T.


The Tattoo After Care is amazing. I have the big tub in my handbag and take it everywhere lol!

It’s my burn cream, lip balm, scrapes and scratches ointment, tattoo aftercare and I even run my hands through my hair after applying the cream to work as a serum. The Best stuff ever.


Absolutely loving this amazing tattoo care cream. Can’t believe I’d never heard of it before but, thanks to @migelly from @sacred_rose_tattoo for introducing me to it & kudos to for making something that not only smells nice & is extremely soothing to my fresh & angry tattooed skin but is vegan, 100% natural, cruelty free & palm oil free. You guys really nailed this one! 👌🏻


Had some laser removal done with Phil @ TTRC in Adelaide…tbh I was kinda sceptical about the product (The Laser one obvs) in a “too good to be true” sort of way but WOW! After the initial pain subsided, I have no ISSUES with redness, drying, itching or anything in the 48 hours since. I love the way it smells, feels great going on and even though it’s “greasy” it’s just so LIGHT. I’m in love! Can’t wait to try the tattoo aftercare soon enough 💕 PS. Big ups for vegan/cruelty free and bio friendly! ✌🏻


As a stockist, dealing with BAMBOOGOO is easy, delightful and always straight forward. Plus they have the product to back it up! Once it hits my shelf, it’s snapped up by my clients who keep coming back for more.



100% Natural, Vegan

Palm Oil Free, Preservative Free


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