AfterPay: Heal now, Pay later. | Free shipping within AUS orders over $120* | *excludes wholesale
AfterPay: Heal now, Pay later. | Free shipping within AUS orders over $120* | *excludes wholesale
Bamboo cracks the code to Healing skin.

Bamboo cracks the code to Healing skin.

Dying to know what’s the deal!


It’s a super hero plant that we salute to take over the world!

It’s one of those plants that you hear its name everywhere.

It just has soooo many properties with such a positive effortless outcome and here’s why.



Your toothbrush, your undies, bed sheets, socks, straws, toilet paper and even a huge range of personal care products are lathered with the gooddess of BAMBOO.


So what’s the deal? 

Why is it so cool? 

Why should I care if I wipe my bum with Bamboo or glide Bamboo goodness on my skin?


Here’s some prettttty convincing cases…


Skin benefits; 

  • Healing agent
  • Promotes cell regrowth
  • Nourishing
  • Moisturising
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-aging
  • Antibacterial
  • Cooling agent


Bambusa Vulgaris Extract, the key ingredient in our Tattoo & Laser Aftercare, is extracted from the shoot and leaves of the BAMBOO plant.


Contains more than 70% natural silica which boosts collagen regeneration. 

OMG what is even collagen - the protein that bind your skin, muscles, tendons, bones and WHOLE body together. 

Fancy-pants natural silica is responsible for that ‘SKIN GLOW’, so no wonder it makes Tattoos be true to their fresh inked colour.


Let’s look at Anti inflammatory & Antioxidant kick ass benefits and why they contribute to Healing your Tattooed Skin or Laser removal.


Living day to day life, you’re going to be exposed to some environmental nasties. 

Like UV light, smoking & air pollution all landing on the top layer of your skin. 

Your skin DOES breath and absorbs what touches it (Are we frogs? Hmm Not that far.) 


The Antioxidants of the BAMBOO plant extract neutralise and support future damage to your skin from the 'roaming free radicals’ that naturally occur from being alive.



we get to celebrate that the BAMBOO extract is an Anti-aging process! 


By neutralising roaming free radicals, reducing damage by keeping your skin healthy annddddd, help contribute to premature skin ageing.


Okay, so, they are the key benefits that make sense to how to Heal Skin.


Our big fast tall growing BAMBOO plant friend naturally maintains the Healing process with advanced skin Hydration.


I LIKE THAT. Feels easy.

Takes a lot out of mystery solving and jam packing into one miracle plant. 

Thanks Earth! You really thought about this one.

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