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The Death of the Influencer

The Death of the Influencer

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The Death of the Influencer - An unravelling Truth as to Why People Buy from Real People on Instagram.

The Rise and Fall of Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers are individuals who have the power to influence their followers to purchase a particular product or service. They can be celebrities, social media personalities, or even just regular people with a large following on social media. The rise of Instagram influencers can be attributed to the fact that they are able to use their personal brand and reach on social media to advertise products.

There are some influencers who are still able to maintain their popularity over time, but they are rarer than ever before.


Why Do People Trust and Buy from Real People on Social Media?

Most small cosmetic businesses, like us, cannot afford to hire more than one person for their marketing team, but we still need support on social media.

More importantly, small businesses are more likely to reach social media users through personal accounts on social networks (Should we list all out team here!?) - that is why it's so important for us to use real people with real faces that can develop engagement with online customers.

Which is why we can't wait to show you our new fun video campaign!Hint, here's a teaser....



 I feel like we all trust and buy from other people we know on social media because we want to feel like we are a part of something. I sure do love supporting people I see less than 3 degrees of separating away from me.

We want to know that the person we're are following have gone through similar struggles as us and has found a way to overcome them. I like to feel relatable rather than... unattainable

People want to be able to relate and connect with others, which is why it is important for US to have a face behind our new Video posts and hopefully rest of 2022!! 




Why Brands are Fleeing From Insta

The recent algorithm change on Instagram has caused brands to feel like their message is not being conveyed in the way they want to be conveyed, causing them to flee from Instagram. This algorithm change took away the chronological feed that showed chronological postings of people that one follows, and replaced it with an algorithm-driven feed that favors more popular content.

Some people feel that the algorithm-driven feed is more personalized and relevant, while others miss seeing their friends' posts in chronological order.

We miss seeing all our friends faces for sure!

Shall we be friends?



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